Men's Mental Health should be a priority for us all, not just a luxury...

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Our "Why"

Welcome to the Happy Dude brand - A clothing company on a mission, to raise awareness and promote conversation about a topic we feel is overlooked - Men’s Mental Health. We aim to make happiness a priority for all men, not just a luxury...

Our Promise

One Happier Dude Fund

10% of our proceeds will be donated to HeadsUpGuys - an organization that's dedicated to supporting men in their fight against depression.

Build a Community

We've got bigger dreams than being just another clothing brand, we want to create a community where our members feel respected and heard.

Promote Conversation

It's ok for men to talk about their feelings and mental health, in fact it's more than ok, it's necessary! 

Our Story

We’re just two regular dudes like you. We have good days and bad ones. We’ve recognized the importance of opening up about our mental health. Like most things in life, we've learned this through direct experiences and by those around us.

The stigma around Men’s Mental Health is preventing dudes from getting the help and support they need. We are here to break that by creating clothing that prompts meaningful conversation.

So, we invite everyone to join a community of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of our fellow dudes. For our brothers, sons, dads, and friends - we will be the change. 

We'll See Y'all Soon

Launching February, 2022


One Happier Dude at a Time...