One Happier Dude at a Time
The Meaning Of HappyDude

It's bigger than just a clothing brand... We're on a mission to raise awareness and promote conversation about Men's Mental Health. Get to know what we are all about here at HappyDude.

One Happier Dude Fund

10% of our proceeds will be donated to HeadsUpGuys - an organization that's dedicated to supporting men in their fight against depression.

Building a Community

We've got bigger dreams than being just another clothing brand, we want to create a community where all people feel respected and heard.

Encourage Conversation

It's ok for men to talk about their feelings and mental health, in fact it's more than ok, it's necessary! 

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The essentials

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Shop HappyDude and know that with every purchase, you're contributing to a cause we believe is overlooked - Men's Mental Health.

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